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3D Scanning

Using professional devices, we perform 3D measurements of any object, vehicle, person. We get a three-dimensional model with precise, detailed geometry and texture.


If we do not have a physical object to scan, we can model it on the basis of drawings, projections, etc. We also make repairs to damaged items and supplement missing parts.


Photogrammetry is a technique that allows us to get a three-dimensional model from a lot of photos. Thanks to it, we can make a 3D model of any part of space, such as a plot of land with a building.

Precise 3D models

We make 3D models for games, VR and AR applications, and 3D visualization. We combine various techniques, including 3D scanning and 3D modeling to get the best quality. We optimize models and export to all popular formats such as obj, fbx, 3ds, to be compatible with Unity, Unreal, 3ds Max etc. The accuracy of the scan to 0.05 mm ensures extremely precise and realistic geometry of objects, even those with organic shapes.
Below we present sample files. Hover over the model to move it with the mouse.

Scanning People

We scan not only objects but also people. A scanned model of a human can be used as a character in a game or movie, and also as a 3D printing model. We can scan the entire figure, the head itself / bust, or any part of the body. The 3D scanning takes from 2 to 5 minutes.


Present your products better than the competitive companies. The three-dimensional model can be placed on a website, in a online store (eCommerce) in a virtual reality store (vCommerce) or in an augmented reality (AR) application.

VR, AR Assets

Place any object in the game or application. We will make sure that the texture is of high quality and the geometry is optimized for both Unity and Unreal environments. We can also prepare PBR materials for full realism of the scene.


We scan objects of any size, including vehicles. If it is not possible to make a scan, we can model the vehicle based on photos and plans.

More 3D Models

How did we scan the tank?

We like challenges, which is why we were the only ones in Poland to scan the tank in its entirety.

We have made the project for the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.

As a result, a unique 3D model was created - a precise three-dimensional record of a historic vehicle.

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