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3D Scan

We scan the object with a measuring device with accuracy up to 0.05 mm. The process usually takes from a few to several minutes.

File Editing

Then we edit the point cloud to get the model in desired format. This can be a triangle mesh, NURBS file or a solid CAD model.


Finished model can be used for a wide range of applications – 3D printing, CNC milling, 3D map and many more


3D Scanning

3D scanner is an advanced measuring device with which we create digital models of real objects with accuracy up to 0.05 mm. We have at our disposal mobile devices, so we can scan any object anywhere in Poland and abroad. 3D Scanning truly captures not only the geometry of an object, but also its texture.

Mesh Improvement

3D measurement results in a point cloud that is converted into a triangle mesh. At this stage we have a perfectly reproduced geometry of the object. If there is a need for digital model to differ from the physical object (e.g. it was idealized, repaired), we have the possibility of advanced editing of triangles mesh.

CAD Models

On the basis of 3D scans we also make parametric CAD models. These models are 1:1 scale, fully editable and can be freely modified in CAD programs. Based on such models, technical documentation can be carried out or to generate paths for CNC machine tools.

Technical documentation

We scan, produce a CAD model and then create technical documentation. This gives you not only a 2D drawing, but also a three-dimensional model that you can easily edit if needed, and use for reverse engineering – CNC, FDM and many more.

3D Print

3D print it is a very clear trend in manufacturing and prototyping. Scanned models are exported in .stl format, which will be used by any 3D printer. Thanks to the high accuracy of models, we get as good a print as possible, as far as the technical parameters of printers allow. You need a printout? Write to us and we will select the printer/technology best suited to your needs.

See sample 3D model

Press “play” button to upload and view three-dimensional model that was created after the old clock was scanned. The model can be freely rotated with mouse or zoomed. Press and hold the roll to catch and move the object.

Thanks to hand held scanners, it is possible to perform precise measurements of large workpieces and very complex geometries.

More 3D Models


3D Measurements

Creating technical documentation of a simple detail does not pose a problem to the average engineer. This is not the case when it comes to documentation for complex geometries – all the more when high accuracy is at stake. Scanned 3D model includes all information you need in terms of size, surface and volume. Measurement of the distance of any two points, cross-sectional area or volume of a part of the model it’s a piece of cake.

pomiary 3d, dokumentacja technicza

Quality Control | 3D Deviation Map

Simply place the 3D scanned model on idealized reference model (which can be modeled based on the scan if required) to get 3D deviation map. This is an ideal solution for quality control, especially in the foundry industry.

trójwymiarowa mapa odchyłek na podstawie pomiaru 3d

3D Models Library | BIM | dwg, obj

Designers more often require providing them digital library (3D models) of offered products in .dwg, .obj, .3ds formats. These models, which apart from their geometry also contain information on texture/materials, are used for designing and performing visualizations.

zbudowanie biblioteki modeli 3D

CNC Code

3D scanning is a very useful technology for replicating existing objects, often impossible in other ways. The scanned model is converted into a surface file NURBS, or a solid CAD file, which can be imported into the software of a specific CNC machine tool.

skanowanie elementów w celu obróbki CNC

3D Print

3D printing is a dynamically developing technology, which has a growing number of supporters. No wonder, if you can print even very complex objects with any material properties – polymers, wood-like materials, metals (also titanium and gold).

druk 3d zeskanowanych modeli


With a scanned component model, you can create a negative image of the component. This model can be used to produce a mould, e.g. using CNC machine tools.

wykonanie formy odlewniczej za pomocą skanu 3D


We use scanners with a structural light source. This means that in addition to geometry of scanned object, texture data is collected – a virtual model in addition to its shape also has the same color/ pattern as the real part. Models can be opened and edited in visualization programs. The visualizations present the product in an attractive, idealized way and in any color/material variants.

tworzymy modele .obj do wizualizacji

Online presentation of products

Three-dimensional model of offered product is not only an attractive form of presentation. The customer, who can view the product from any side, will be much more willing to purchase over the Internet.

Innovative presentation - AR, VR app

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies offer a possibility to stand out and make an impression on the recipient. Show your customer that you are following the spirit of times by inviting them on a virtual voyage through the deck of your yacht or make them see the product you are offering on a 1:1 scale on your phone.

prezentuj modele produktów w wirtualnej rzeczywistości - VR i na aplikacji AR

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