meet the technology of tomorrow
create 3D models from physical objects

We use 3D scanners to replicate
your physical object of choice as a virtual 3D model. You can use it later
in a wide array of applications ranging from presentation purposes through prototyping
to a parametric model intended for research, technical analyses, and fabrication.


3D scanning

Our scanners achieve accuracies of up to 0,05 mm ensuring models of the highest level of detail with real-world distance measurements and maintaining the object's texture. We provide our services both locally in our studio and on-site Europe-wide.

Mesh Improvement/Editing

Specialized mesh edition is an integral part of the scanning process. It allows us to revise the model and fine-tune it to the client's needs.

CAD models

We create 3D CAD models (both surface and solid). It's great for easy CNC machining.

3D printing

A scanned model is a perfect candidate for 3D printing that is why we also offer to print in both extrusion and powder bed technologies.


Quick evaluation

Mail us to receive free price evaluation for your object within 24 hours!

Professional service

Got questions? Our specialists will gladly answer all of them to enhance your knowledge on the 3D scanning technology and find a solution suiting your needs.

Instant model transfer

We will contact you and send you your models as soon as they are ready.

3D scanning for every business

We specialize in 3D scanning of both human models and object of various dimensions; from jewelry and hand watches through machine elements, museum exhibits to cars and yachts. Regardless of your business, be it industry, design, medicine or marketing we will scan your object and customize it to your needs.


Quality control

Our 3D scanners are precise measuring devices perfect for quality control. Compare our scanned model of your manufactured object with its intended dimensions to generate a 3D deviation map.

Technical documentation

On a basis of the scan, we are able to perform its dimensioning and generate CAD model regardless of its complexity.

Human body scanning

Scan yourself! Your whole body or its parts. Or just digitize your face. You can share your model online just to brag about it and print a one-of-a-kind figurine. More >>

3D printing

A 3D scanned model is a perfect candidate for 3D printing. The level of detail is unachievable by manual modeling.

Reverse engineering

3D scanning brings a revolution to reverse engineering. With the unmatched ease of model generation, dimensioning and preparation of technical documentation the process go on overdrive.

Archiving & Digitalisation

Not so long ago digitalisation was a synonym to taking photographs. Today we can preserve cultural heritage like paintings, sculptures and unique objects as 3D files maintaining their exact shape, colour and texture. Perfect for virtual museums. More >>

Rapid prototyping

Technologies like 3D scanning and 3D printing made prototyping significantly faster and cheaper. Designing and introducing everyday objects was never that easy.

Art & Design

In a creative process a two-dimensional, flat project is often not enough. Combine traditional methods of creation with cutting-edge technology to modify and duplicate your creations.

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